As a professional singer and pianist, I hold high standards for an accompanist. I have performed two Cabaret shows with Evan Crone as the accompanist/Musical Director in the  past year.  Evan aims for excellence in every respect, striving to be the best he can be to make the singer shine. He is a pleasure to work with.

- Karen Giorgio





Evan Crone is an exceptional accompanist. Evan’s extraordinary talent as a pianist lends itself well to many song styles and rhythms—from jazz and bossa nova to pop and songs from the various decades to Broadway musicals to classical pieces. When I was unable to find sheet music to a song I particularly wanted to sing, he listened to the recording and was able to transcribe it into my key.

I believe any individual or group who works with Evan will be glad for the experience.

Geri Kepler, Vocalist

What a pleasure to work with Evan!  From beginning concept to song selection to coherent ordering to rehearsing, he was truly a collaborative partner all the way.  His gentle guidance helped me clarify my vision for what I wanted to do.  Evan’s talents far exceed his exquisite accompaniment skills.  He intuitively knew the well-placed question or comment to bring deeper levels of authenticity to the songs I was working on. Evan shared my intention for the performance and thank you , Evan! I can’t wait to work with you again! 

- Lynn Mahmoudi, vocalist

A vocal soloist is not really a soloist.  He or she depends heavily, mightily, completely on his/her accompanist for support.  One of the many joys of working with Evan Crone is that he's there for you, providing that support throughout, pulling you back in if you stray too far, helping you, and doing it with beautiful sounds. 

Thank you, Evan, you really are the best. 

- Neal Sullivan, vocalist/actor

Working with Evan has been a delightful, empowering experience. His knowledge of music and his suggestions for my showcase made it so much more fun and entertaining than if I had relied solely on my own decisions."

The warm support he provides makes it easy and exciting to go beyond the established comfort zone. As a performer, Evan's wonderful voice and great sense of humor are always entertaining. 

-Joanne Healy Roshon, vocalist

I have had the pleasure to work with a number of pianists over the last few years.  Evan is not only a talented musician but he is an amazing accompanist (vocalists will know what I mean by that).  Working with Evan was an entirely different experience than what I had encountered with other pianists.  He has the ability to draw emotions/expressions from me so that I don’t just sing a song; I feel it, which translates to a better overall performance and enjoyment for everyone. 

Whether you are looking for someone to help you learn a piece of music, or are in need of an accompanist for a performance, or are looking for a pianist for entertainment at a party or event, I wholeheartedly recommend Evan Crone.  He is a gifted professional and a truly wonderful human being.  

- Diane Lyons, vocalist